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Your Commercial Truck Inspection Experts

Companies large and small have a variety of vehicles that may require frequent or periodic inspection. Inspections are critical for compliance and managing them can be difficult for diverse fleets.

Bona Bros. makes it easy by offering expert commercial truck and vehicle inspection services. With 40+ bays and a diverse shop, we’re able to inspect, repair, and maintain vehicles of all sizes and types from bucket trucks to trailers.

Our Commercial Truck Inspection Services

Our team performs three unique types of inspections to ensure compliance with all regulations and guidelines. Plus, we service and repair components as needed to keep your crew out of harm’s way. All our highly trained technicians are licensed and certified by each specific regulatory board.

DOT Truck Inspections

Department of Transportation (DOT) truck inspections ensure all commercially moving vehicles (CMVs) are safe, in good condition and working properly. These inspections must occur at least annually for each of your vehicles. Learn more about Minnesota DOT (MNDOT) Inspections.

ANSI Inspections

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards were adopted by OSHA, requiring frequent and periodic inspections of specialty equipment such as vehicle-mounted aerial lifts. ANSI inspections ensure your equipment is in good working order and that all standards are met.

FRA Inspections

Vehicles equipped with rail gear such as hi-rails must undergo Federal Railroad Admin (FRA) inspections to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient movement of people and goods via the railroad.

Partnering with Fleets

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that require periodic or frequent inspection? Let us partner with you to provide inspection services that protect your fleet investment, avoid unnecessary downtime and manage your budget to achieve a lower cost per mile.

Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Not only does periodic inspection keep you compliant, but it also helps you prevent unnecessary repairs that increase your downtime.

At Bona Bros., we can help you maintain your commercial trucks and vehicles, decreasing your overall cost of ownership. If we find something looming on the horizon during an inspection, we’ll fix it.

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