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Emergency Municipal Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Emergency vehicles such as ambulances and squad cars can only help medical professionals deliver life-saving assistance if they’re in good repair.

At Bona Bros., we offer expert repair and maintenance for emergency and municipal vehicles so you can focus on what matters most: helping others.

Our facility allows us to offer services to emergency vehicles of all sizes and types. And for fleets such as fire departments and municipal public works, we offer a quick turnaround to keep you available.

Our mission at Bona Bros. is to offer reliable preventative maintenance services and repairs on all emergency vehicle types. Having large enough facilities and the proper equipment allows us to do so.

Vehicles We Service

Emergency and Municipal Industries

Emergency and municipal vehicles include any public or private vehicle designated and authorized to respond to emergencies, life-threatening situations and provide public services. Some of the most common vehicles include:

  • Law enforcement squad cars
  • Fire trucks
  • Ambulances
  • First responder trucks

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