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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF): A Primer


If your diesel engine was manufactured in 2010 or later, then you’re familiar with filling the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank. But what exactly is DEF for diesel engines and does it add any extra maintenance concerns?

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Dielectric Testing Services in Minnesota


Electrical maintenance testing of aerial lifts, platforms, bucket trucks and similar vehicles is crucial for safety. Such vehicles are required by OSHA/ANSI standards to be dielectrically tested annually by qualified technicians.

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Commercial Fleet Repair For Cars & Trucks

Commercial Fleet Repair for Cars & Trucks


Decreasing downtime and overall cost of ownership are critical for commercial car and truck fleets.  Learn how our expertise in fleet maintenance can help accomplish these goals.

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Driver's guide to maintaining commercial trailers

Tips For Commercial Trailer Repair


Commercial trailers operate under extreme conditions.  Here is a list of preventive maintenance and repair tips for truck drivers and owners.

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Driver's guide to replacing the tires on your box and dock trucks

When To Replace Box Truck Tires


Box and dock trucks are versatile vehicles that serve a variety of commercial uses.  Let’s look at what determines the longevity of their tires and when to replace them.

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Owners guide to ANSI inspections, maintenance, and repair for bucket trucks and mobile aerial lifts

ANSI Inspections


ANSI inspections ensure that aerial lifts are in safe working order.  Knowing what they are and how to prepare for them can significantly reduce costly repairs and downtime.

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Auto Repair 101 - TPMS System


Next to the check engine light, the most persistent warning light on your car is likely your TPMS system indicating your tire pressure is off.  Learn how this system works and why it’s important.

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Auto Body Shop Collision Repair Car Truck Minnesota Commercial Twin Cities Sandblasting

Truck Sandblasting & Refinishing


See how we sandblasted and refinished a recycling truck for the City of Minneapolis' Solid Waste Department.

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Auto Repair 101 - Serpentine Belts


Pop open your hood and you will see a spinning belt that twists and turns through the pulleys and other parts of your engine.  Let’s learn what this belt does and when to replace it.

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