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Experts in Bucket Truck Repair

Mobile cranes and bucket trucks, or boom truck, are used throughout a wide range of industries, from construction to utility companies.

With over 60 years of experience, we can help you decrease costly business downtime.

  • Certified technicians: We’re trained and hold certifications with the top agencies in the industry to ensure high-quality bucket truck inspection and repair.
  • Dedicated to staying up-to-date: To provide you with the best service, our team of technicians attends regular training to stay current on industry innovations and advancements.
Boom truck, or bucket truck, being worked on

Our Bucket Truck Repair Services

Bona Bros. is your full-service truck repair shop. We have the ability to repair and maintain all mobile cranes and bucket trucks, regardless of brand. With dealer-level diagnostics, we can find and repair any problem within your vehicles.

Repair & Maintenance

We repair a wide range of components, from hydraulics to electronic systems. After running full diagnostics, we can pinpoint issues and fix them, getting you back out on the road.


We specialize in ANSI and DOT inspections to help you stay compliant while you work.

Hydraulic Systems

Your mobile crane or bucket truck requires a healthy hydraulic system for lift. Our team of experts repairs hydraulic systems, regardless of complexity.

Computer Controls

To truly repair a vehicle, you must start with the computer controls that run it. Our diagnostic equipment allows us to do just that, ensuring your lift works properly.

Dedicated to Safety and Value

Safety is our biggest priority. We remain compliant with all OSHA regulations and ASME standards, so you can do the same.

Since 1956, Bona Bros. has served a variety of businesses requiring expert repair for their bucket trucks (or boom truck) and utility vehicles. With 50+ work bays to get work done quickly and a dedication to providing the best value for your repair, you can trust us to stay mindful of your bottom line.

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