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Position Details:

Bona Bros. is looking for a skilled body and paint technician at our auto body shop in New Brighton, MN.  

The ideal candidate will have the experience and skill to repair and paint vehicles of all sizes due to collision damage.


  • Ability to disassemble and assemble vehicle body parts and components
  • Bolt or weld replacement parts using wrenches or welding equipment
  • Prepare surfaces for paint by removing rust and other debris and filling in cavities and dents
  • Able to evaluate paint issues such as swirls and scratches and to diagnose if paint is required or if a pad/polish combo will remedy the issue
  • Can mask, sand, buff, polish, spray and paint vehicles with experience, including the use of color tinting, matching, and blending
  • Quality check work to make sure the vehicle looks and functions according to original factory specifications


  • Previous body combo technician experience required
  • Working knowledge of repairs for damaged body parts and components
  • Ability to match paint colors and apply paint to OEM standards
  • Personal set of tools