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Owner’s Checklist
RV’s & Motorhomes


Motorhomes and RV’s are a summer classic when it comes to road tripping in style.  Use this guide to keep your vehicle’s many important functions in tip top shape so you can maximize your time on vacation.

Pulling up to a campground along the North Shore for the weekend or loading up the family for a trip through the Black Hills is something we believe everyone should experience.

However, as nice as these homes on wheels are, the reality is that the constant bumps, rattles, and vibrations from the road require responsible ownership for long term enjoyment. This means routine inspections by yourself and having a relationship with a professional shop such as Bona Brothers that can perform in-depth inspections, maintenance, and repairs as needed.

Below is a checklist of items the we suggest owners review periodically to ensure you, your family, and your RV spend more time outdoors than in the shop or your driveway.

Before every use:

  • Review tire wear and tire pressures according to factory specifications
  • Make sure all lights function properly (headlights, high beams, turn signals, brake lights, back up lights, license plate lights, and any accessory lighting)
  • Remove any debris from the exterior, especially the roof
  • Make sure all doors and storage compartments are locked
  • Extend and retract all awnings and slide outs
  • Test electrical appliances and unplug before driving
  • Secure all items inside and outside
  • Disconnect and utilities: shore power, fresh water hose, sewer hose, and any others


  • Check battery level fluids
  • Run the generator with a load attached

Every three months:

  • Test all carbon monoxide/LP detectors and smoke alarms and review their expiration dates
  • Test all cabinets, windows, and hardware for proper functioning
  • Clean engine air and cabin filters
  • Check all LP gas lines for leaks
  • Clean all seals around windows, doors, and shower
  • Tighten battery cables

Twice a year:

  • Replace batteries in carbon monoxide/LP detectors and smoke alarms
  • Rotate tires according to factory specifications
  • Check gas appliances for proper functioning
  • Inspect slide out seals for leaks
  • Have a professional inspect the LP system


  • Review interior and under body for leaks
  • Have the roof and joint seals inspected
  • Sanitize the fresh water system
  • Buff and wax the exterior

Bona Brothers Truck & Utilities specializes in RV & motorhome maintenance and repair. With over forty repair bays, you can trust our ASE technicians to perform complex electrical diagnostics or our body shop to trace and seal those troublesome leaks.